March 29

March 29, 1955: The new Salk vaccine for immunization against polio was finding overwhelming acceptance by Longview parents of first and second grade students. Schools Superintendent R.E. Slayton said 1,137 of a possible 1,367 had signed requests for the vaccine, with more expected before the deadline.March 29, 1967: The Pine Tree school board bought 50 acres from Bob Cargill at Fairmont and Northwest streets as the site for a new Pine Tree High School. The school was to be a two-story structure to accommodate 850 students, and expandable to care for 2,000 students.

March 29, 2007: Pittsburgh-based U.S. Steel announced a $2.1 billion deal to acquire Dallas-based Lone Star Technologies, which included the Lone Star Steel plant north of Longview. Lone Star Steel, which employed about 1,500 people, had been in production since 1953.