Today in Longview history

Jan. 24, 1949: The city began installation of 6-, 8- and 14-inch waterlines as it extended its water system. Lines were to be installed on portions of Green Street, in the Radio Addition, and 14-inch lines tied together city water tanks. Water and sewer lines on Harrison and Nelson streets were nearly complete, with paving to follow.Jan. 24, 1951: Longview police were ordered to pick up all dogs loose on the streets in response to a rabies epidemic. Dog owners were not observing a quarantine, the city health officer declared, “and will have only themselves to blame if the epidemic is not snuffed out as promptly as possible.”

Jan. 24, 1969: A record-high $272 million budget for Eastman Kodak Co. included funds to build an additional hydrocarbon cracking plant at Texas Eastman Co. in Longview. It also would pay for additional supporting facilities for increased power capacity in Longview.

Jan. 24, 1969: 17-year-old Longview High School student Leslye Diane Koon was found murdered near the home of her grandparents, with whom she lived. Strangled and shot, authorities believed it must have been the act of someone who knew her.

Jan. 24, 1972: Reaction to redistricting in Gregg County was shock and disbelief at being left without its congressman or a resident candidate for the seat. The new alignment lifted most of Rep. Ray Roberts’ home county out of District 4 and put it into the urban-dominated 12th.