Today in Longview history

Jan. 22, 1933: Gregg County got an opportunity to grow through a lawsuit to determine jurisdiction of about 250 acres. A local surveying firm found the county line near Easton had been improperly drawn, putting the disputed territory in Rusk, when, the suit argued, it belonged to Gregg County.

Jan. 22, 1940: The Texas Attorney General’s office declined to rule on a proposition to do away with Longview’s municipal poll tax. District Attorney Fred Erisman and City Commissioner Bob Wiliams, who proposed the move, said that cleared the way for abolition of the tax.

Jan. 22, 1987: New Gregg County District Attorney David Brabham began prosecuting his first felony case since taking office. He was elected on a platform that he would personally prosecute criminal cases. Brabham also was planning to begin digitizing all records in the DA’s office.