Today in Longview history

Jan. 7, 1950: City Hall announced residents’ water and sewer bills would have a new look in February. Instead of statements in windowed envelopes, they would be mailed on a penny postcard with itemized charges for each service — and add the fee for garbage.

Jan. 7, 1966: Southwestern Bell Telephone Co. planned to spend $1.5 million in 1996 to improve and extend service in keeping with Longview’s growth. The planned expenditure was an increase from $1.3 million in 1965. Statewide, it was planning to spend $182 million.

Jan. 7, 1985: A federal grant of $485,000 was approved for two taxiway projects at Gregg County Airport. The federal funds would provide 90 percent of the cost for the work that would open the east and south ends of the airport to development.

Jan. 7, 1994: The city engineer was fired, the director of public works was facing disciplinary action and the city manager’s performance was being reviewed after it was revealed nearly $700,000 in costs on five major city streets projects had been overlooked.