Today in Longview history

Jan. 19, 1933: The Longview City Commission agreed to convert the Fair Grounds area into a city park and playground. The notion was said to be enhanced by the Lions swimming pool, which had opened in the summer. The park project was evolved and planned by the Rotary Club.

Jan. 19, 1940: Near-zero temperatures made dire the situation for several hundred families, and a group of businessmen assembled to provide money, food and clothing. The city of Longview and the Longview News-Journal made donations, and Boy Scouts were helping to collect.

Jan. 19, 1965: Texas Eastman Co. announced demand-driven increases in production capacity for Tenite polyethylene plastics and Epolene coating materials. A recently completed expansion at Eastman’s Longview plant brought capacity to 150 million pounds annually. Another expansion was under way to push it to 175 million pounds.